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  • 10 Best TV Shows of 2017 Will Replace Your Favorites

    It is becoming harder and harder for us to pick TV shows that best fit our tastes when there is an avalanche of them hitting the screen every year. We at FiliNation created a compilation of outstanding TV series that are likely to live up to their hype and impress all audiences in 2017. 10 Best TV Shows of 2017 Will Replace Your Favorites 13 Reasons Why © Netflix The series picks up the story […]

  • 12 Ways to Get Rid of a Bloated Belly Without Abs Exercises

    A protruding belly is one of the manifestations of bloating, which in itself is a natural process of the body. In a normal state, about 1 liter (about half) of the stomach and intestine is filled with gas. The air in the stomach is the result of the work of intestinal microflora microorganisms — bacteria which help the digestive process. The harder it is for the stomach to digest food, the more gases are produced. FiliNation offers […]

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